Paket shopee express tidak bergerak

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Paket shopee express saya tidak bergerak dari tanggal 13 September 2023
No resi SPXID030960299839

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Paket tidak bergerak sudah 24 jam, nomor resi SPXID032222472399, tolong di push Om

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Hai kak,

Paket dengan no resi SPXID030960299839 sedang dalam proses pengiriman, sbb:

13/09/2023 14:27 [Jakarta DC] Your parcel has been received by sorting center
13/09/2023 06:24 [Kosambi First Mile Hub] Your parcel is being transported to [Jakarta DC]
12/09/2023 18:38 [] Your parcel has been received by pickup hub, kami sarankan membuat laporan ke pihak

Terima kasih

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